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Click on the links below to take you to Citizens Advice information, if you don't find what you need from these pages then please use the agency search to find a local agency that can help you further.

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Click here for information on claiming benefits, rehousing options and much more.

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Universal Credit in Salford

There have been many changes to the benefits system and people will continue to be affected by these and further changes. The biggest change is the introduction of Universal Credit. It now covers all parts of Salford but there are still many people who cannot claim, such as those who are sick. Find out here who can and who can't claim in Salford.

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financial management

Universal Credit and Budgeting

More than ever equipping people to better manage their finances is essential. This is especially so now with welfare benefits changes. The move towards Universal Credit and monthly benefit payments means that budgeting skills will be vital and you can now get free Personal Budgeting Support.

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Universal Credit Online

Universal Credit and Salford Council Tax now should be made online. All our partners want to make this process easier for the people of Salford.

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